EVAstream counter-current swimming pool

Transform your swimming pool into a home fitness environment

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their swimming pool to the fullest. Not only during the summer months, but all year round! That’s why we developed the EVAstream: the most powerful, compact, and affordable counter-current jet stream on the market. Now you can maintain your fitness throughout the year, regardless of the size of your swimming pool.

The jet stream is ideal for swimming laps, working on your fitness routine, aqua jogging, or rehabilitation. And the kids? They’ll enjoy it to the fullest. With the surface-mounted version, you can easily create an underwater current in the pool. Or place the machine on the bottom for an incredible underwater volcano!

A challenge for athletes

Perfect your swimming technique, work on your fitness, or improve your endurance. The EVAstream is so powerful that it offers a challenging workout even to swimmers competing at the highest level. Still, experienced swimmers aren’t the only ones who love the EVAstream. The calm, stable, and controllable flow makes the machine a great experience for the whole family.

Swimming all year round

The EVAstream easily transforms every swimming pool into a home fitness environment. Use your swimming pool for more than just a refreshing dip on warm summer days. Start your working day with an energetic workout, or relax after a busy day and release any stress or tension. EVAstream lets you enjoy your swimming pool all year round!

‘‘ The EVAstream offers the perfect combination of efficient water displacement and high flow rate. This creates a superior swimming experience. “

The 5 benefits of EVAstream

  1. Powerful
    The EVAstream creates a calm and stable current. It’s so powerful that it offers a challenging workout even for high-level competitive swimmers – with only one jet stream. The intensity of the current is infinitely adjustable and can be accurately set to anyone’s swimming level.
  2. Compact
    The compact jet stream is suitable for any swimming pool. If you have a new swimming pool, you can choose to have the EVAstream built in. In swimming pools that are already installed, the machine is placed as a fixed or movable module, offering countless possibilities for extra fun. For instance, you can move the module to the side to create spectacular currents, or turn it into an underwater volcano by placing it on the bottom of the pool.
  3. Affordable
    Thanks to its smart design, the EVAstream is affordable for everyone. We’ve succeeded in creating the most powerful machine on the market at the most competitive price.
  4. Safe
    Your safety is very important to us. That’s why the machine has been carefully engineered and is extensively tested. Even hair safety has been taken into account in all models. The EVAstream meets all of the strictest  quality and safety requirements: DIN EN16582-1/2/3, EN16713-2, EN13451-1/3.
  5. Complete
    Various options available including DMX controllers, Piezo switches etc.


  • The EVAstream can be connected to a standard 16A 230V connection
  • Compact design
  • Infinitely adjustable from 10% to 100%
  • Water displacement 350 m3
  • Flow rate 8.5 m/s (> 30 km/h)
  • Highly efficient with a consumption of only 2.2 kW
  • Can be placed in any swimming pool, new or existing
  • Both installation and surface-mounting possible
  • Integration in existing construction is an option

We have been at the centre of the world of swimming and sports for over a decade. We know this world inside out, which is why we’re able to spot opportunities. New possibilities to enjoy swimming and sports even more. At home in your own swimming pool, in a subtropical water park, or in a multifunctional (top-level) sports facility.

With EVA’s innovations, you create the ultimate sports and wellness experience. We offer safe, sustainable, high-quality products so that you can experience years of carefree and relaxed moments, fun, and high-performance sports. We invent and produce the most amazing experience products. It’s what we’re good at – and what makes us happy!

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